We owns a high quality working team and equips with advanced production lines and testing devices, and its products have been granted prizes by different central and local governmental agencies. Since its foundation, has paid great efforts on the creation of products and the innovation of technologies  ; up to now , it has owned a number of patens and its products are so called of filling the blanks of China. Its products and services have been highly recognized by both domestic and international users.


The portable bladders
work well in the storage and transportation of fuel, water and light chemicals. They have the features of light weight, collapsible, resistance of abrasion and high drop, and easy to operate. Each bladder equips with a nozzle and can be used directly for the refueling of vehicles. Our portable bladder has gained the invention paten of China.

Truck-based Collapsible Tanks

Truck-based Collapsible Tanks:
The truck -based collapsible tanks are applicable on both cabined and flatbed trucks. The tanks
work well in the transportation of water,fuel ,light chemicals,and easy to be operated and stored.
After the unloading of liquids,the tanks can be folded and packed in a minor size by which the 
saved space can be fully used by other goods

Helicopter Hung Bladder

Helicopter Hung Bladder:
The helicopter hung bladder can be unsed in the emergency supply of water ,fuel and other liquids under extreme climate and geographic conditions by which the land transportation methods are hard to be applied . It owns a shape of octagon and has less resistance of air currency . The bladder is enhanced by various measures and can be dropped off in a certain height and won't break.