Dewar ,successful sales records

Liquid nitrogen tank( dewars ) successfully exported to Europe the UK, Spain, Denmark, export quantity 8000 2015.

New developed hand pump , range can achieve 70MPA

Now, after our technical staff , several month -long endeavors. Completed the hand operating pressure pump ( model: Y070 ) , can achieve 70Mpa .Moreover ,after repeated test. The ...

PU hose of introduce

The anti-static fiber-reinforced hose is a hose which conveys under positive pressure, can be flatly coiled down, and consists of an inner adhesive layer, a fiber-reinforced layer ...

Fu Jian Province, set up first National Metrological Work Standard

2009. Jul 23th , our country , Metrology Institute of Fu Jian Province,purchase my company's deadweight tester standard devices .( accuracy: 0.005% ). This also is the first measu ...

Oil Supply By Lay flat Hoses For China Navy In Gulf of Aden

China Navy ship formation first supply in sailing in Malacca. “ weishanhu” supply ship, use horizontal’s way to supply oil for two destroyer in sailing, through our own developmen ...