Dead Weight tester New Developed 2020 Best Quality

Dead Weight tester  New Developed 2020 Best Quality

Model No.︰XY-100

Brand Name︰XY

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Product  Description of our DEAD WEIGHT TESTER




Measuring Range

XY 0.6

0.05%; 0.02%; 0.01% ;0.005%


XY 6

0.05%; 0.02%; 0.01% ;0.005%



0.05%; 0.02%; 0.01% ;0.005%


XY 60

0.05%; 0.02%; 0.01% ;0.005%


XY 100

0.05%; 0.02%; 0.01% ;0.005%

1-100Mpa or 2-100Mpa





Basic Error of our DEAD WEIGHT TESTER


       In full scale , the basic error : -0.005%; 0.01% ; ±0.02% , 0.05%  percent measuring range..



What Applications of our DEAD WEIGHT TESTER?

       Be useful for calibrating dead weight tester; piston gauge ; floating ball dead weight tester; ball pneumatic dead weight tester; pressure sensor; pressure transmitter, digital pressure gauge and other precision pressure  gauge. 


Through strict calibration standard of our DEAD WEIGHT TESTER

* A traceable calibration is included in the price of the above pressure gauges and a calibration certificate is provided by National Institute of Metrology P.R.China or Shaanxi Institute of measurement and testing technology when sent out from our factory.


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