Wide-range Dead Weight Tester accuracy 0.005

Wide-range Dead Weight Tester  accuracy  0.005

Model No.︰XY-0.6/6/25/60/

Brand Name︰XY

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Wide-range Dead Weight Tester ( accuracy: 0.005% )
Model: XY-0.6    Range: 0.04~0.6Mpa
Model: XY-6      Range: 0.1~6Mpa
Model: XY-25     Range: 0.5~25Mpa
Model: XY-60     Range: 1~60Mpa
Model: XY-100    Range: 1(2) ~ 100Mpa
Model: XY-160    Range: 2~ 160Mpa

Accuracy: 0.005%
Working Medium: Under 25MPa , use  by transformer oil and kerosene mix the oil.
                                 Above 25MPa (contain 25MPa) , use by Two sebacic acid esters.
Weights materials:  stainless steel.

***0.005% Dead Weight Tester equipped with a thermometer, easy temperature correction.
***With 180 ° spin valve, force constant and reliable sealing and long service life.

With metrology verification certificate by  scientific research institute in China